ExpandaChem Flat Pack Hazardous Materials Store

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ExpandaChem, is designed especially for the safe storage of hazardous materials. Featuring double doors for easy access, a sumped base for contained spillage and a suspended grated floor.

As with all Expandarange flat pack products this is great for siting in locations with limited access.

  • Sumped floor for containment of hazardous materials
  • Flat pack components can be carried by hand
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Link together and remove wall panels to increase space
  • Low maintenance galvanised steel construction
  • Three sizes: 2.35m, 3.08m & 4.08m (x2.16m)

Expandachem with open doorsThe Expandachem flat pack storage container components are light enough to be moved by hand and small enough to fit through small passageways. No need for cranes, forklifts or specialist tools. Just a socket set – and you’re away!

Once assembled, the Expanda-Chem can be lifted from its lifting eyes with a cargo on board!

Expandachem can be linked to another Expandachem container to form large open plan areas of storage space as required (side by side and end to end).

Expandachem storage containers also feature very useful easy double-door access.

Expandachem being lifted by eyes

Expandachem Key Features:

  • Hand Portable – No lifting gear or cranes required.
  • Demountable – Dismantles into flatpack form easily.
  • Modular – Additional containers can be added either side by side or back to back.
  • Complete – Everything required for assembly is in the kit. No additional fixings needed.
  • Secure – Double locking system is standard.
  • Simple to assemble – Only a socket set is required for assembly.
  • Quick to assemble – Ready for use in 20 minutes.
  • Double Doors
  • Comes with powder coated double doors as standard.

Expandachem InteriorExpandachem uses:

Construction sites, Farm yards & parks, Local authorities, Highways, Military usage, Garages, Sport fields,Warehouses

Ideal for use in restricted city centre locations – London, Birmingham, Manchester etc.

Available to purchase – supplied and delivered throughout mainland UK (Britain).

Assembly service  available in some areas

The Expandachem is not designed to store flammable liquids. If you have in any doubts as to which type of materials you are able to store, and what type of unit you require to safely store them you should seek advice from your Health & Safety officer.


Expandachem Options:

Expandachem ramp


Linking kit

Linking kits

Expandachem door closer

Door closer

Expandachem shelf arm

Heavy duty shelving arms and uprights

Expandachem sump shelf

Sumped shelves

Expandachem storage bin

Storage bins

Expandachem cable hose hook

Cable/hose holder



Overview | Assembly | Tech Specs | Costs

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