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All New ExpandachemExpandaChem is a flat-packed hand portable bunded liquids store.

Similar to the best selling Expandastore the ExpandaChem flat pack bunded storage container is specifically designed for the safe storage and containment of liquid, featuring a sumped (bunded) base for contained spillage and a suspended grated floor.

The strong profiled steel building is manufactured in galvanized steel for long life and features double locks on the easy access double doors for added security.

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The ExpandaChem is an ideal portable metal chemical store and is available in three different sizes:

Length: 2.3m or 3m or 4m
Width: 2.1m
Height: 2.2m (internal 1.978m)

As with all TP Structures flat-pack products the Expandachem liquids store is great for siting in locations with limited access as all the components can be carried by hand.

Easy assembly in around an hour using only a socket set and screwdriver, no special skills are required. You can see how easy it is to assemble the ExpandaChem flat pack bunded storage container by looking at our easy to follow assembly instructions.

Each ExpandaChem flat pack unit has a suspended grated floor above a sump that safely collects leaked or spilled materials and the double doors afford excellent walk in access as well as feature a secure double locking system. This makes the ExpandaChem ideal for use as a portable metal chemical store or liquids store whatever the environment.

1,000 kg/m2 floor grate loading

Protective powder coated finish on the doors and bunded base sump: Colour Red RAL3000

The ALL NEW ExpandaChem features some great new improvements, including:

  • Stainless steel hinges improve security and appearance.
  • The door and frame have increased steel thickness.
  • Stronger construction. ExpandaChem is constructed from high quality galvanised steel panels for greater strength and durability.
  • The edges on the roof have been replaced with specially designed die cast aluminium corners. This improves the appearance, strength, durability and protects the corners from knocks and potential damage whilst in use.

Once assembled the Expandachem flat pack bunded storage container can be lifted and moved by crane or forklift with a load on board

Individual ExpandaChem liquids store units can be linked together to form larger areas of storage space, side to side or end to end.

All parts of the ExpandaChem portable metal chemical store can be replaced in the unlikely event that they become damaged or misplaced during relocation.

Optional heavy duty shelving system

Expandastore sumped metal shelf Expandastore shelving arm Expandastore shelving uprightExpndastore storage binExpandastore cable / hose hook

Tried and tested shelving that will carry a heavy load, very fast and easy to install. Comprising uprights and snap-in arms with sumped metal shelves, Storage bins and cable/hose hooks.

See: How to fit Expandarange shelving

Uses for the Portable Metal Chemical Store, Liquids Store:

Construction sites, Farm yards & parks, Local authorities, Highways, Military usage, Garages, Sport fields, Warehouses

The hand portable nature of the ExpandaChem flat pack bunded storage container makes it ideal for use in restricted locations, including city centres such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow etc.

Available to purchase or on contract lease (subject to status) – supplied and delivered nationwide to mainland England, Scotland and Wales.

Units are delivered as part of a shared load on a 11m long rigid body truck with a crane arm so that it can self offload alongside the vehicle. Other delivery options may be available at additional cost.

Whilst the ExpandaChem is designed for easy DIY assembly we may be able to provide an assembly service in some areas of the country. Please contact us for more details if you think this is something you might be interested in.

The Expandachem is not designed to store flammable liquids. If you have in any doubts as to which type of materials you are able to store, and what type of unit you require to safely store them you should seek advice from your Health & Safety officer.


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