Flat Pack Garden Rooms

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ExpandaKabin with optional fully glazed windowsOur garden rooms and garden office units are based on the popular Expandakabin flat-pack office, and provide a cost effective solution to home office and garden studio requirements. Because of the unique modular construction, they can easily be extended as your business grows or be relocated when you move home.

  • Insulated and pre-decorated inside and out
  • Full height windows & glazed doors available
  • Low maintenance galvanised steel construction
  • Flat pack components can be carried by hand
  • Quick and easy to assemble – self-build
  • Can easily be extended at any time

There are more than 2.5m businesses being run from home. With so many advantages it’s hard to see why anyone would want to commute. Shedworking means your bedrooms and kitchen table are free for their intended purposes rather than becoming make-shift offices. A garden office or garden studio also marks a clear difference between your living space and your work space.

They are constructed from galvanised steel (non-rusting), which is finished externally with Moss Green powder coating. Internally the walls are pre-decorated Off-White to give a light airy feeling to the interior. Wall and roof panels are filled with rigid foam insulation ensuring that heat loss and solar gain are minimised.Expandakabin Garden Office

There are two basic sizes available, 3.3m x 2.3m & 4.3m x 2.3m. However due to the modular nature of the ExpandaKabin, they can be linked together so you can have a large open plan studio or office. For example by linking two 4.3m Expandakabins together you could create a 4.3m x 4.7m office.

They are fully weatherproof and the roof is formed from galvanised steel and incorporates a built in gutter.

The panel system allows for the windows and doors to be located to suit individual requirements and the panels can be moved at any time should you need to rearrange the configuration of your garden room.

They can also be easily dismantled and move with you when you move home!

Shropshire Garden Rooms

If you are lucky enough to live in Shropshire we can even install your new garden room, garden office or garden studio for you – contact us for a quotation today.


Expandakabin interior

Planning Permission:

In most cases, you don’t need planning permission for an ExpandaKabin Office in your garden as the Expanda range has been developed to be within the guidelines for permitted development.

You will most probably need to seek planning permission if:

  • you live in a conservation area or your home is a listed building, flat or apartment.
  • you wish to locate your garden room within 5 metres of your home or it takes up more than 50% of your garden space.
  • you want to locate your ExpandaKabin between your home and the highway i.e. front garden.
  • You expect a large number of visitors to your garden office.

We recommend you check with your local authority, or look over the Governments Planning Portal for more information prior to the placing of an order.

For more information go to the main ExpandaKabin page or call us now on 01743 818366