Flat Pack Garden Store. Metal Allotment Storage Container. Mower Storage Shed. UK

Flat Pack Garden StoreThe Flat Pack Garden  Store is secure steel storage container designed for use in locations where access is restricted.

The Garden Store is light enough to be moved by hand. The components are small enough to fit through narrow passageways making it ideal for difficult to reach gardens and back yards.  No need for cranes, forklifts or specialist tools.  All the parts can be carried by hand and easily assembled right where the storage container is needed.

The demountable nature means that the all metal Garden Store can easily be returned to flat-pack form for storage or reuse in a different location as circumstances change.

The Flat Pack Garden Store is ideal for use as:

  • Garden Storage Container
  • Secure Allotment Store
  • Mower Storage Shed / Garage
  • Feed Store
  • Tool Store

Once assembled, the fully galvanised steel Garden Store is remarkably robust, with a real double locking system with insurance rated locks to BS3621 to deter the most determined thief.

Assembly of the Flat Pack Garden Store is simple, quick and can be erected in around 40 minutes, all you require is  someone with a socket set and basic DIY ability. Take a look at the assembly instructions to see just how easy  the storage container is to put together.

The ALL NEW flat pack Garden Store now features some great new improvements, including:

  • Stainless steel hinges improve security and appearance.
  • The door and frame have increased steel thickness.
  • Stronger construction. Garden Store is constructed from high quality galvanised steel panels for greater strength and durability.
  • The edges on the roof have been replaced with specially designed die cast aluminium corners. This improves the appearance, strength, durability and protects the corners from knocks and potential damage whilst in use.


– Front Profile: 1496 x 2080mm
– Side Profile: 2610 x 2080mm
– Footprint: 1496 x 2530mm
– All flatpack units are 370mm high
– All assembled units are 2090mm high

Optional extras

Flat Pack Metal Garden Store

The Flat Pack Metal Garden Store is made from rust resistant galvanised steel powder coated externally in Green to blend into garden and rural environments.

Flat Pack Allotment Store

The Flat Pack Garden Storage container makes an ideal Allotment Store. The robust metal construction of the container along with the double insurance rated locks provide a highly secure and weather resistant environment in which to store tools and equipment and reusables. The allotment store can easily be unassembled and relocated at any time should you wish to rearrange your allotment or sell your allotment store on at any time.

Flat Pack Mower Storage Shed

Who wouldn’t want a mower storage shed or mower garage for their mower? You can be confident that your mower will be safe in the flat pack metal garden store mower storage shed.

As well as being suitable for use as an allotment store or a mower storage shed or mower garage, the flat pack storage container is ideal for use as a feed store or as a green keepers store as it can be carried by hand across otherwise inaccessible areas.


– Front Profile: 1500 x 2083mm
– Side Profile: 2614 x 2083mm
– Footprint: 1416 x 2530mm
– All flatpack units are 370mm high
– All assembled units are 2083mm high


Pre-assembled 18mm thick grade 3 OSB wood boards screwed to a galvanised steel box profile frame.


0.60mm box profile galvanised steel panels, strengthened with spot weld galvanised steel frame sections at the edges of each panel. The roof section has two integral gutters for effective rainwater dispersal to all four corners of the container. The door is pre-mounted into the frame on galvanised hinges, complete with two insurance rated locks and a central roller catch. Door width: 1138mm, hinges on the right, outward opening.


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Garden Store Technical Drawing
Garden Store Technical Drawing


All components of the Garden Store are packed to ensure that they are not damaged during transportation, loading and unloading under normal circumstances. The smallest transportation cube is achieved in this packing process.


  • Chassis/Floor 72kg
  • Side Panel: 18kg
  • End Panel: 20kg
  • Door Panel: 33kg
  • Roof Panel: 57kg

Supplied and delivered throughout mainland England, Scotland and Wales.


More Information:


  • Telephone: 01743 818366 for Nationwide sales
  • email: sales@tpstructures.co.uk