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All New ExpandacomExpandacom is a fully hand portable flat pack modular office building system.

The ExpandaCom flat pack modular building is the only totally hand portable 20ft flat pack stackable office building available in the UK. It is easy and quick to assemble by hand without the need for cranes or specialist tools or equipment. The flat pack building can be assembled without prior training using only a socket set/spanners and a screwdriver.

The unique prefabricated design of the ExpandaCom flat pack modular office building provides a simple solution to providing office accommodation in difficult to access and inaccessible areas as all the components can be carried by hand and the unit constructed where it is needed.

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Key features that make the ExpandaCom flat pack modular building the first choice for the construction industry, schools and local authorities include:

  • Flat packed and totally hand portable
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • High quality with robust but lightweight construction
  • Demountable for easy re-relocation
  • Ideal for inaccessible areas
  • No cranes or specialist equipment needed
  • Can be stacked or linked to make larger areas
  • A wide range of accessories available

If you require high quality, office accommodation of robust construction that is lightweight enough to be carried by and located even in the most inaccessible areas, quickly and easily assembled by untrained operatives without recourse to specialist tools and equipment then the ExpandaCom flat pack modular building is the solution for you.


Flat pack stackable office building

Individual 20ft units can be stacked two high by using the optional stacking kit, the only flat pack stackable office building in the UK today.

The ExpandaCom flat pack modular building comes with 1 x door panel and 2 x window panels as standard.  These panels can be placed anywhere within the frame in order to design different configurations.  Additional windows/doors can be placed within the structure.

Now with improved security features, stronger wall panels and die cast rounded roof corners.

ExpandaCom Flat-Pack Modular Building features:

  • Size: 6.14m x 2.3m
  • Durable protective powder coated finish: RAL 9002 off-white (interior & exterior).
  • Fully insulated sandwich panel wall and roof
  • Vinyl floor covering
  • 2No Double glazed windows that can be positioned as required during assembly / construction
  • 1No Steel door that can be positioned as required during assembly / construction

ExpandaCom Flat Pack Modular Building Options:

window-security-guard optional electric pack expandacom02 expandacom03

Linked Expandacom flat pack modular buildings

  • Stacking/lifting kit – to lift and stack units on top of each other
  • Electric pack – includes, switches, sockets, trunking, consumer units and everything you need to complete installation
  • Heavy duty window grills
  • Long side linking kit to kit to extend your building in width
  • End-to-end linking kit to expand your building in length
  • Additional window and door panels

Uses for ExpandaCom Flat-Pack Modular Building:

The unique design and construction of the ExpandCom flat pack modular building offers maximum flexibility. Each unit is robust and fully insulated yet lightweight enough to be manoeuvred by hand onto even the most challenging site. The are the ideal solution for many industries and users, including:

  • Construction sites / building sites with limited or restricted access
  • Gatehouses
  • Offices below ground level
  • Schools / colleges that require temporary office space
  • Offices in retail parks and industrial estates
  • Local Authorities
  • Outdoor attractions
  • Showground and even organisers.

Ideal for use in restricted city centre locations – London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow etc.

Units are delivered as part of a shared load on a 11m long rigid body truck with a crane arm so that it can self offload alongside the vehicle. Other delivery options may be available at additional cost.

Finance options available, subject to status.

Assembly service  available in some areas

The Expandacom is a genuine Expanda-range product.


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