Building Regulations

As with planning, your building will almost certainly need to comply with the local authority Building Regulations. Some buildings are exempt, these include: Buildings used for the storage of explosives, or on a nuclear site, greenhouses and agricultural buildings, temporary buildings (as defined in the planning regulations, see above), buildings on construction sites, mines and

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Lightweight steel portal frame building

Industrial Steel Buildings, Design Considerations

Steel Frame There are two major types of steel frame used for portal framed buildings today. First there are frames designed and manufactured with traditional hot-rolled steel. These tend to be robust structures, built from standard beams and sections. They are relatively heavy and may require substantial foundations. Hot-rolled steel frames are capable of covering

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Planning Permission | Planning Application Service

Does my new building need planning permission? The straightforward answer almost certainly is ”yes”. There are a few exemptions to the planning permission rules such as temporary buildings (which means buildings that are up for less than 28 days), buildings which are like-for-like replacements of existing buildings, and some types of agricultural building; however these

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ExpandaStore Assembly Service

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to roll out our assembly service for ExpandaStore, ExpandaKabin and ExpandaChem.  Although the ExpandaRange of products is designed for easy self assembly, the extended service is intended to for instances when the customer does not have sufficient labour available themselves. Contact us to see if

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