Flat Pack Bike Store. Secure Motorbike Storage Unit. Metal Cycle Container. UK

Flat pack Bike StoreFlat pack bike store, secure metal motorbike storage and cycle containers.

Hand portable flat pack self assembly storage units. Nationwide delivery.

The Flat Pack Bike Store is light enough to be moved by hand, the components small enough to fit through narrow passageways.  No need for cranes, forklifts or specialist tools. The parts can be carried to wherever you need your store to be located for maximum convenience.

The demountable nature means that the Secure Bike Store can easily be returned to flat-pack form for storage or reuse in a different location or if you move home.

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The Flat Pack Bike Store is a flat-pack hand portable steel storage container designed to keep your motorbike and cycles safe.

The Bike Store is ideal for storing bikes, motorcycles, tools etc .

Once assembled, the fully galvanised steel Bike Store is remarkably robust, with a real double locking system with insurance rated locks to British Standard (BS) 3621 2017 to deter the most determined thief.

Self assembly of the Bike Store is simple, quick and can be erected in less than an hour, all you require is a socket set and anyone with basic DIY skills. You can view the assembly instructions yourself to see just how easy the Bike Store is to put together. Everything required is included in the kit.

The ALL NEW Bikes Store now features some great new improvements, including:

  • Stainless steel hinges improve security and appearance.
  • The door and frame have increased steel thickness.
  • Stronger construction. Bike Store is constructed from high quality galvanised steel panels for greater strength and durability.
  • The edges on the roof have been replaced with specially designed die cast aluminium corners. This improves the appearance, strength, durability and protects the corners from knocks and potential damage whilst in use.


– Front Profile: 1496 x 2080mm
– Side Profile: 2610 x 2080mm
– Footprint: 1496 x 2530mm (approx. 4ft 11in x 8ft 4in)
– All flatpack units are 370mm high
– All assembled units are 2090mm high

Optional extras

How to securely store a motorbike or cycle?

The Flat Pack Bike Store is ideal for use as a cycle store, motorbike storage container, bike garage as well as for storing tools etc. The optional folding steel ramp makes storing your bike away between uses possible with minimum effort. With two insurance rated locks you can be confident that your bike is as secure as it can be.

The Flat Pack Bike Store is roomy enough to store most families bicycles as well as all the associated tools, equipment, safety wear etc. keeping them all safe, secure and ready for use.

The Flat Pack Bike Store Protects Your Property From the Elements

No one wants to leave their valuable motorbike or cycle to the ravages of the Great British weather. Rain, wind, snow and even sun can wreak havoc and reduce the lifespan of your bike and lead to greater maintenance costs over time. By securing your bike in the Flat Pack Bike Store you will not only prevent potential theft but keep the bike clean and well protected from the weather throughout the year.

Supplied and delivered nationwide throughout mainland England, Scotland and Wales.


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