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The Expandakabin flat pack office is a fully insulated demountable flat pack hand portable cabin. Due to its unique construction the Expandakabin flat pack office can be easily situated in previously inaccessible locations.

Expandakabin is fully modular and further units can be linked side to side or end to end to form larger open plan office space at any time after initial assembly.

  • Insulated office, pre-decorated inside and out
  • Flat pack components can be carried by hand
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Link together and remove wall panels to increase space
  • Low maintenance galvanised steel construction
  • Three sizes; 2.3m, 3.3m & 4.3m (x 2.3m wide)

Expandakabin with two windowsExpandakabin Features:

  • Insulated – 50mm insulation and powder coated finish inside & outside.
  • Man Portable – No lifting gear or cranes required – each panel can be lifted by hand.
  • Demountable – Dismantles into flatpack form easily.
  • Modular – Individual Expandakabins can be linked together to form larger office buildings.
  • Complete – Everything required for assembly is included in the kit. Simple to assemble – Only socket set is required for assembly.
  • Quick to build – Ready for use in 45 minutes.
  • Ready Decorated – Interior walls and ceilings finished in off white powder coat. Vinyl sheet floor covering.
  • Flexible – door and window panels can be located in any position.
  • Durable – manufactured from galvanised steel.

ExpandaKabin with optional fully glazed windowsManufactured from fully galvanised steel (no rusting), Expandakabin has attractive smooth panelling, finished in a powder coated moss green (RAL 6005) on the outside.  The interior of the insulated Expandakabin is pleasantly light and airy with a durable, smart off white (RAL 9002) powder coat finish to both walls and ceiling (suitable for surface mounted electrics).

Expandakabin interiorAs the Expandakabin is modular it can be enlarged, by bolting on further units to form larger open plan areas.  Simply remove the panels from the side or end of adjacent units, and join the Expandakabins together using an optional linking kit.  This panel system also means that doors and windows can be relocated within the Expandakabin structure.

Linked ExpandakabinsExpandable – Individual units can be linked together to form larger open plan areas.

All panels can be bought separately, so damaged ones can be replaced, or additional doors and windows can be added.

The Expanda-kabin flat pack cabin has a guttered roof and features a double glazed uPVC window fitted as standard.

Linked expandakabin interiorOnce assembled the Expanda-Kabin can be moved by crane/forklift or demounted back into it’s neat flat-pack form for storage or transport purposes.

A totally new way of building an office or studio in your own garden. It’s quick, expandable and low cost!

For more information on using ExpandaKabin as a garden office or studio see our dedicated Garden Office article which includes general guidance on Planning requirements.

Expandakabin Options:

Expandakabin with Glazed Door  

Additional window and door panels/glazed door panels.

Expandakabin Garden Office

All parts on the Expandakabin are replaceable, so if you accidentally drive a truck into your Expandakabin and damage a panel, you can quickly and easily replace it.  Or if you fancy having an additional window or door, buy one and slot it in.

Full Height window panel: Double glazed uPVC window complete with toughened glass.  Fixed bottom panel, Top opening upper panel, locking handle (This item is also available in laminated glass. Please contact us for prices)

Fully glazed door panel: Double glazed uPVC door complete with toughened glass. Multi point locking mechanism with replaceable euro cylinder and keys (This item is also available in laminated glass. Please contact us for prices)

Expandakabin Window Grill

Security window protection grills

Site security is always an issue, so we are offering window grilles that can be fitted to deter unwanted visitors (suitable for standard windows on both units).

Expandakabin Linking Kits

Linking kits

Expandakabins are expandable… or fully modular.  Expandakabins can be linked at any time to additional units, end to end or side by side (to a unit of the same length). So don’t be limited by lack of space, expand at any time.

Expandakabin Electrical Kit

Electric Pack

  • Consumer unit
  • 2kW convector heater with fused switched spur
  • External CEE plug + socket
  • Double socket outlet Light fitting &
  • light switch
  • 10m × 1.5mm & 10m × 2.5mm cables,
  • 3m × 16mm & 3m × 25mm self adhesive trunking.

Expandakabin uses:

Construction site accommodation, School / college classrooms, Laundry rooms, Workshops, Insulated stores, Park offices, Highway offices, Gatehouses, Military check points, Home offices, Garden studios, Music rooms, Club houses, Scout & guide meeting rooms, Observation posts, Sleeping accommodation, Workers rest / sleep rooms, Security kiosks.

Ideal for use in restricted city centre locations – London, Birmingham, Manchester etc.

Available to purchase – supplied and delivered throughout mainland UK (Britain).

Assembly service  available in some areas

The Expandakabin is also known as Expanda-Kabin, Expandacabin, Expanda-Cabin, Expanderkabin, Expandercabin, Expander-Kabin and Expander-Cabin

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