Expandastore Options and Accessories

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Choice of powder coated finishes

Green Expandastore flat pack storage container Blue Expandastore flat pack storage container

The Expandastore storage container in it’s most basic form, comes as a fully galvanised unit.  But can be supplied with a powder coated finish to provide a more aesthetic appearance.  Standard colours are: Green (RAL6005) Blue (RAL5010), but most RAL colours are available.

Levelling feet & fork-lift feet

Expandastore Levelling Feet Expandastore Forklift Feet

Construction sites rarely seem to be very flat, so levelling feet are a must have, and if you want to move the Expandastore storage container – but don’t want to flat pack it and carry it by hand, then you may want to forklift it into a new position, if so you’ll be wanting forklift feet… alternatively you could use the already included lifting eyes and crane it into a new position.


Locking bar for added security

Expandastore Locking Bar

Replaces one of the two standard door locks. Supplied complete with padlock.

See: How to fit Expandastore locking bar

Insulation Kits


The new Expandastore can be insulated in minutes by fitting the optional insulation pack – available in all sizes.

Linking kits


linked expandastore flat pack storage containers

As the name suggests, Expandastores are expandable… or fully modular.  The Expandastore storage container can be linked at any time to additional Expandastore containers, end to end or side by side (to an Expandastore container of the same length) to create larger open plan areas.

Heavy duty shelving system

Expandastore sumped metal shelf Expandastore shelving arm Expandastore shelving uprightExpndastore storage binExpandastore cable / hose hook

Tried and tested shelving that will carry a heavy load, very fast and easy to install. Comprising uprights and snap-in arms with sumped shelves, Storage bins and cable/hose hooks.

See: How to fit Expandarange shelving

Lifting Eyes

Using the optional lifting eyes and rods, the Expandastore can be lifted with a 1.5T cargo on board!

Expandastore lifting eye

Steel Folding Ramp

Folding access ramp

Door Closer

expandastore door closer

Additional Options

  • The standard 1.25m wide door is available in the long side of 3m and 4m Expandastores at no extra cost.

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