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Feature 2.3m 3.3m 4.3m
Length (external) 2,242mm 3,307mm 4,372mm
Length (internal) 2,130mm 3,195mm 4,260mm
Width (external) 2,383mm
Width (internal) 2,190mm
Width, flat packed 2,425mm
Height, flat packed 498mm
Height, assembled 2,350mm
Ceiling height 2,100mm
Chassis (complete) 168kg 240kg 312kg
Chassis (per section) 66kg 66kg 66kg
Blank Wall Panel 27kg 27kg 27kg
Window Panel
52kg 52kg 52kg
Door Panel
65kg 65kg 65kg
Inner Roof Panel 27kg 27kg 27kg
Outer Roof Panel 55kg 55kg 55kg
Total Weight 650kg 838kg 920kg
External Finish Electrostatic Powder Coated in RAL 6005
(Moss Green)
Internal Finish Electrostatic Powder Coated in RAL 9002


Expandakabin Construction Components

The main construction elements of the expandakabin flat pack office cabin / container are as follows:

  • Chassis with frame
  • Side wall panels
  • Roof panel
  • Door panel
  • Window panel
  • Fastening elements


Vacuum bonded sandwich panels. Insulation – 50mm polystyrene.  Outer surface – 0.60mm galvanised steel electrostatic powder coated in RAL 6005 (Moss Green).  Inner surface – 0.60mm galvanised steel electrostatic powder coated in RAL 9002 (Off-White).


Exterior covering – 0.60mm powder coated box profile galvanised steel with two gutters for effective rainwater disposal to all four corners. Interior – vacuum bonded sandwich panels. Insulation – 50mm polystyrene. Inner surface – 0.60mm galvanised steel powder coated in RAL 9002 (Off-White).

Snow loading – 100kg/m2 evenly distributed.


Box profile, hot dipped galvanised steel Corner columns – 1.5mm cold formed DKP steel. Supplied with 4 lifting eyes.  All surfaces are powder coated in RAL 6005 (Moss Green).

Floor Construction – 18mm OSB board covered with 2mm PVC linoleum (flash point B1 difficult to burn, smoke density Q1).  Floor section has no insulation.

Floor loading – 250kg/m2 evenly distributed.


Frame – cold formed powder coated galvanised steel sheet min 1.25mm.  Outer Door – both surfaces powder coated (External – Moss Green, internal – Off-White) galvanised flat steel sheet.  0.60mm thick, complete with door handle and replaceable euro cylinder lock.  Size: 868mm wide x 1,900mm high (2′ 10″ x 6′ 3″).


uPVC double glazed window with vacuum sealed unit (4+9+4), inward opening with locking handle. Size: 805 x 1135mm.

Electrical Equipment

No electrical wiring and equipment fitted. The unit is designed to have a surface mounted electrical installation. Optional electrical kit pack available.

Additional Information

Doors and windows can be fitted anywhere in the unit.
All parts on the Expandakabin flat pack office container are replaceable, so if you accidentally drive a truck into your Expandakabin and damage a panel, you can quickly and easily replace it. Or if you fancy having an additional window or door, buy one and slot it in.

Expandakabin is not designed to comply with Building Regulations approval.


Expandakabin Plans

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