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Does my new building need planning permission?

The straightforward answer almost certainly is ”yes”. There are a few exemptions to the planning permission rules such as temporary buildings (which means buildings that are up for less than 28 days), buildings which are like-for-like replacements of existing buildings, and some types of agricultural building; however these exemptions do not apply to most new buildings.

Planning Application Service

In order to provide its clients with the best possible planning application service, and to help them to acquire a suitable building, TP Structures will prepare a planning application for submission to the local planning department.Steel Framed Building

We will use our experience and knowledge gained in more than 20 years of designing, manufacturing and erecting buildings to provide all the required information, presented in an effective and professional way.

The TP Structures Planning Application Service includes the following:

  • The required site layout plan, sourced from Ordnance Survey data, licensed for use in the planning permission application and clearly marked with the building location.
  • Building drawings showing plans and elevations, specially prepared to the appropriate scale.
  • A block plan, to the designated scale, showing the proposed building, parking provision, alterations to access and any walls, trees or hedges to be provided or removed.
  • A Design and Access Statement, with photographs of the existing site where appropriate.
  • A completed Planning Permission Application form.

We will provide the correct number of copies of the above items required by the planning authority, together with an additional copy for your own files.

This content will be based on an initial site visit, information provided by the client in the form of a completed questionnaire and any other information that TP Structures may request by telephone, fax or email, together with any telephone research that may be needed to determine matters such as flood risk.

How Long Does the Planning Application Service Take?

Preparation of the Planning application will normally take approximately four weeks (a rapid service can be provided at extra cost). If additional services are required the preparation of the application may take longer.

Our charge  is based on preparing a standard Planning Permission Application. It does not include the following:

  • Local authority planning fees, which must be paid by the client on submission of the application.
  • Fees from the Environment Agency, for flood level information, if required.
  • Any additional fees needed for specialist consultants to provide reports on flood risk, arboricultural and environmental surveys, architect’s fees and any other professional services that may be required.
  • Any additional site visits, photography or meetings with planning authorities.

If any of these additional services are needed, the client will be advised of their cost and asked to approve them before proceeding.

Although we make every effort to present our client’s case in the best possible light with our Planning Application Service, we cannot guarantee that planning approval (Planning Permission) will be granted or that special conditions will not be imposed. Under these circumstances, where a re-submission is required, TP Structures will prepare a revised submission at reduced cost.

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