LED Sensor Lights

We have just added a new accessory to our Expanda Range. Self-contained rechargeable LED lighting units.

LED Sensor Light

10ft/3 metre motion sensor range

Min 120 Lumens when charged

Magnetic back of light for fixing to a container roof plus a ‘3M’ adhesive strip for mounting to non-magnetic surfaces

Three Motion sensor modes:

  1. Always on: providing a constant steady light as a torch
  2. Motion & light sensor mode: Auto switches on when detecting motion in darkness
  3. Only motion sensor mode: Auto switch on/off in darkness and bright place

When in any motion sensory mode they auto turn off with motion for 18-20 seconds
120-degree sensing range
33x LED light with low consumption 2400mAh lithium rechargeable battery
With one full battery charge expected battery life is 2 – 6 months depending on usage

shipping container motion sensor magnetic light 4