Condensation in Steel Buildings and Stores

Steel Storage Container

It is well known that condensation can be a problem in single skin uninsulated steel buildings and steel storage containers.  This is caused when warm moisture laden air inside hits the inside face of the cold steel sheets.  Moisture is always present in the air; the amount varies through the months, days and hours of the year.  How likely condensation is to occur depends on the level of moisture in the air and how cold the steel cladding is, which itself it determined by the outside temperature.

The risks of condensation occurring can be reduced by following a few guidelines:

Avoid putting wet/damp equipment inside the building or store.

You should also avoid putting hot/warm items into the store and where possible allow them to cool to the ambient temperature before putting them inside.

Ensure that ventilation is adequate and vents are not blocked.

Stores should be located so that airflow is not restricted by trees or shrubs or any other buildings/sheds etc.

Fabric and paper items should be protected within polythene boxes or bags or stored in an insulated store, preferably with some form of background heating.

Larger buildings can sometimes be fitted with anti-condensation sheeting or insulation, smaller stores might benefit from the installation of polystyrene tiles/sheets to the inside surfaces or the use of low cost moisture traps.  Alternatively an insulated store might be more appropriate in specific circumstances.

If you are storing items long term it is essential that the contents of the store are checked at regular intervals for signs of condensation and any moisture cleared up as soon as possible.  This is particularly important in the cooler months of the year.

Please note that it is the users responsibility to determine that the product is appropriate for their individual specific requirements.  TP Structures Ltd accepts no responsibility for damage caused by condensation.