Prefabricated Steel Workshop Buildings

Sectional steel workshop buildingFor situations where appearance is important, the prefabricated Executive Sectional Building offers all the benefits of a Sectional Steel building, but to a higher specification. The Executive is a prefabricated steel workshop building, factory-clad in box profile sheeting in a range of colours. The building specification includes flashings to all panel joints, rooflights and proprietary personnel doors. It is ideal for use as a valeting or wash bay, unheated workshop, Greensmans store or storage facility.

Executive Prefabricated Warehouse

Please note that we do not offer an insulated version of this building

The building is manufactured in a modular form, so that it can be quickly and easily erected on a pre-prepared concrete base. Production and delivery of these buildings normally takes 4-5 weeks, depending on the size of the building, and erection, again  depending on size and location, will normally take 2-3 days.

The buildings are available in four standard spans: 5.86m, 6.56m, 7.76m and 9.26m; If a greater width is required, two or more buildings can be linked side-by-side to provide a multi-bay building. The standard modules are each 1.875m long, and are available in eaves heights up to 5m, according to customers’ requirements.

Modular Car Valeting BuildingRoller shutter doors can also be provided in the gable ends or side walls; however, in the sides, an additional 6oomm must be allowed above the door. A personnel door is provided; additional personnel and fire exit doors are available.

Sectional Steels Buildings are not suitable where the building is required to be heated (for fully insulated buildings see Steel Portal Framed Industrial Buildings.
Not suitable for food storage or perishable goods.
The building is designed for situations where Building Regulations do not apply; buildings that are exempt include: Buildings used for the storage of explosives, or on a nuclear site, greenhouses and agricultural buildings, temporary buildings (as defined in the planning regulations), buildings on construction sites, mines and quarries, buildings with a floor area less than 30m2, nuclear fallout shelters and ”a detached building into which people do not normally go ”.  In other circumstances please consult us for an advice on Steel Portal Framed Industrial Buildings.

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