How to fit Expandastore Locking Bar

The Expandastore locking bar is an additional security option and can be used to replace one of the two standard locks fitted into the door. To fit the locking bar you will need to drill through the steel wall of the Expandastore – please see brief video below.


The optional locking bar is supplied complete with a padlock or can be used with your own padlock if preferred.

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How to Fit Expandastore Shelving

Once you have the shelving components it is pretty easy to see how they fit together. The uprights are pushed up into the roof profile of the unit and then down into the floor to secure them in place. The arms can then be clipped onto the uprights with the up-stand at the front pointing upwards. The sump shelves can then be laid into the arms with the lip to the upside to prevent spills.

Here is a video explaining how it works:

The uprights and arms have changed slightly since the video was made but are fitted exactly the same way.

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Secure Storage Containers for Schools

Schools, Colleges and Universities are often in need of secure external storage for equipment and materials.  School premises can often make it difficult or impossible to bring in a traditional steel container type store.  This is why the Expandastore flat pack store is ideal for just this sort of situation.  Although all the parts of the Expandastore are constructed from steel they are light enough to be carried by hand and assembled exactly where they are needed.

Expandastore on Slabs


  • 2m x 2.14m
  • 3m x 2.14m
  • 4m x 2.14m

They can be linked to form larger areas if required.


  • Plain galvanised steel
  • Powder coated Green (RAL6005)
  • Powder coated Blue (RAL5010)

No special tools or equipment are required and assembly can be carried out by anyone with basic DIY ability.

A range of extras are available including shelving, locking bars and ramps.

Levelling feet are also available, although for permanent/semi-permanent installations we recommend that the Expandastore be sited on level spot pads to reduce to reduce the step up and prevent debris from accumulating underneath the unit.

We have been supplying schools and educational establishments throughout England, Scotland and Wales with Expandastores since 2003.

For full details please see our product pages on Expandastore

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Garden Offices

Ever thought of working from home? How about an office in the garden? Expandakabin Garden Office

The ExpandaKabin makes an ideal garden office for homeworkers.

The ExpandaKabin is flat pack in design so all of the components can be carried by hand which is ideal for difficult to reach locations such as many gardens.  The windows and doors can be fitted to suit your needs during assembly and can be relocated should your needs change.

The Expandakabin can be fitted with full height double glazed windows and fully glazed doors to providing a light airy environment in which to work.

Expandakabin interior


Need more space? No problem the ExpandaKabin can be extended by the addition of another ExpandaKabin unit with the aid of a linking kit you can have a bigger open plan office at any time in the future.

The ExpandaKabin requires only minimal foundations and is ideal for self assembly; it provides a low cost solution to working from home.

For more details see

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Expandastore Collapsible Store

Expandastore Collapsible Storage Containers

We have been selling the Expandastore flat pack steel storage container for over twelve years now and in that time it’s been incredibly successful and that success shows no sign of abating any time soon.  It’s not hard to see why the Expandastore is so popular; all of the components are light enough to be carried by hand, yet strong enough to form a secure storage container suitable for use in areas such as schools, allotments and construction sites. Anywhere in fact where security is an issue and a ‘traditional’ container cannot be installed.2m ExpandastoreThe Expandastore has been designed to provide many years of use in hard working environments and can be disassembled and reassembled whenever necessary when and if they need to be moved.

Security is standard with Expandastore, the door is fitted with two locks and an optional locking bar is available for those who require a bit more security.

We also know that the ability to add additional Expandastore units at any time to increase the size of your store is a major consideration for many users; and for an industrial product it does not look at all unsightly.

Here’s to the next twelve years…

For full details on the Expandastore and how it can help you please see our main product page for full details



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Lightweight Steel Buildings

Many industrial and commercial buildings these days are designed and manufactured using cold-rolled steel sections.

Although lighter in weight than hot rolled sections, the cold rolled steel is very strong (the rolling process actually enhances the strength of the steel) and allows a fully-engineered design of frame with lower foundation loadings. In addition, the sections, together with all cleats and brackets, are fully galvanised, which makes the frame virtually maintenance-free.

Cold-rolled steel frames are usually most cost-effective in small to medium-sized buildings (up to 20m span and 6m eaves) and in areas where low foundation loadings are important, while hot rolled frames are more suitable for the larger spans. A further option for larger buildings is a multi-span design, where two frames (either hot or cold-rolled) can be erected in parallel, sharing a central row of columns.

Lightweight galvanised steel frames are fabricated using  computer aided manufacturing facilities which makes them suitable for for fast, large volume orders with the added benefit of ‘bolt together’ construction making the system suitable for full relocation.

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Secure Garden Store

Ideal for garden and allotment storage our Mini-Store is robust and secure.  Manufactured from galvanised steel the individual panels can be carried by hand and are small enough to fit through narrow walkways.  As well as being secure it is easy to assemble using a socket set and basic DIY skills.

The door has a double locking system with two insurance rated locks to keep all your garden equipment safe and secure.

A folding steel ramp is available as an option as well as steel shelving, hose holders and storage bins.

For full details see our Mini-Store page.

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Secure Bike Store

Bike store

If you are looking for a secure way of storing your bike our flat pack steel Mini-Store is perfect solution.  Robust and secure, like all of our flat pack stores it is manufactured from galvanised steel.  All the components are light enough to be carried by hand and can fit though narrow passageways etc.

Assembly is easy requiring a socket set and minimal skills and takes less than an hour to complete.

It comes with two insurance rated locks to BS3621 and is fitted with two secure anchor points in the floor as standard.

Options include a steel folding ramp, steel shelves, cable hooks and storage bins.

For more information see our dedicated Mini-Store page.

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ExpandaStore Assembly Service

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to roll out our assembly service for ExpandaStore, ExpandaKabin and ExpandaChem.  Although the ExpandaRange of products is designed for easy self assembly, the extended service is intended to for instances when the customer does not have sufficient labour available themselves. We are now able to cover areas around Greater London, the West Midlands and North Wales.

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Building Regulations

What are Building Regulations?

According to DirectGov: “The Building Regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings, primarily to ensure the safety and health for people in or around those buildings, but also for energy conservation and access to and about buildings.”

Some buildings are exempt from Building Regulations, these include: Buildings used for the storage of explosives, or on a nuclear site, greenhouses and agricultural buildings, temporary buildings (as defined in the planning regulations), buildings on construction sites, mines and quarries, buildings with a floor area less than 30m2, nuclear fallout shelters and ”a detached building into which people do not normally go”


It can sometimes be argued that simple storage buildings fall into the category of  ”a detached building into which people do not normally go”, however you should always confirm with the Building Inspector that they agree with this categorisation before proceeding.  Buildings classified under any of these exempt categories are unlikely to be suitable for a different use in the future.

Most buildings are required to be designed and built in accordance with the Building Regulations and the Building Inspector will need to be assured that the building complies.  Normally, this means that you will need to provide structural calculations from a qualified engineer and we provide these as an inclusive part of our service. The inspector will also require proof that the building’s foundations are properly designed and adequate for their purpose – again, an engineer’s calculations will probably be required and we normally advise that a local engineer familiar with ground conditions in the area be used for this.

Exactly which regulations apply will depend on the use of the building. For instance, in the case of a heated building, energy loss calculations and even an air-test may be required.

Building inspectors may have discretion in how they apply the regulations – some regard them as general guidance only; others insist on them being applied scrupulously. You do not need to go to your local Building Control department for approval, another local authority’s department can provide the service, or you can use an independent ”approved inspector”.

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